Adriana Von Runic

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Adriana Von Runic  - professional flutist, performance and teaching 




Adriana von Runic is a professional flautist and educator. She graduated as a bachelor of music from Munich Richard-Strauss-Conservatorium. Adriana is a master student of Sir James Galway and Irena Grafenauer. Her love for music started at early age inspire by her pianist mother. Adriana made her solo debut at the age of 16 in Munich, Germany playing the Haydn flute concerto.

Since then Adriana has been performing and teaching in Europe, Australia and Asia. Her repertoire reaches from classical, early music to contemporary future music. Adriana has been part of symphony orchestras and ensembles performing a varies of styles: Rock, Jazz, Celtic, Gypsy, Kletzmer and Sufi.

Adriana has trained music teachers in China at the Waldrof, Steiner, Montesori and Baxue Yuan Centres, as well as held lectures at the Beijing Pedagogical Faculty of the university.

In Australia Adriana has introduced the brand “Baby Music School”. A program that focus on music development through power of singing lullabies and multi lingual nursery rhymes to babies, mothers and even unborn.

Her colourful and rich experience in music and teaching has been sharedwith her global audience and students. 

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