Adriana Von Runic

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Adriana Von Runic  - professional flutist, performance and teaching 


Adriana has been visiting China as music teacher, lecturer, key note speaker, consultant and musician since 2010.
LI YUE ER in Beijing appointed Adriana as their specialist Music Consultant in 2012.
BAXUE YUAN in Beijing and in Zhuhai invited Adriana to tutor the teacher trainees, and
so did in Guangzhou the Waldorf Teacher Training Centre and the Hairong Waldorf School.
LEGACY a USA based adult education program in Beijing, invited Adriana in 2010 to be a keynote speaker, presenting her research of "positive influence of singing to wellness and personal self-development"; followed by a workshop to apply in practice, what previously was said in the lecture. Adriana transforms her audience by making music a tool of deep experience. Group dynamic and team building are experienced and encouraged. Adriana gives her listeners an unique experience of
The Sound Sculpture which is a 15 minute creative happening of everyone singing together and improvising freely. This piece was originally commissioned by the Irish Arts Council in 1992, for international womens day.  Adriana developed this piece for large groups up to 200 participants. 

In this video I demonstrate some of her work with children and in particular babies using pentatonic music. 

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