Adriana Von Runic

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Adriana Von Runic  - professional flutist, performance and teaching 


Flute Master Class
Adriana is a master student of two internationally renowned flautists, Sir James Galway
and Irena Grafenauer. The School of Paris, Marcel Moyise is a continuous lineage of flute players; Adriana and her teachers are associated with. 
She has played, recorded and inspired with her flute around the world.

Singing and Voice Coaching
Adriana grew up in a European singing tradition in her family. Already in early childhood she would perform together with her mother and grand mother, singing harmonies in different languages. In Waldorf-Steiner School Adriana would have received singing and music education on a daily routine. At the age of fifteen Adriana had her first public solo performance playing flute and singing in Munich, her city of origin. 
Her life long experience and a formal music degree from the Richard Strauss Conservatorium in Munich as well as from University College Dublin, and University of Technology Sydney certifies Adriana to train and examine internationally.

This recording of the Sarabande and the Bourrée anglais from the J.S.Bach's partita was made in July 2013, in the park of the Martin Horvat Memorial Hospital in Rovinj (Croatia), a day after a great concert of the flute player Adriana von Runic and the local choir Antonio Gandusio.The title of the concert played for the patients of the hospital was "Music is love, love heals". The recording is natural as Adriana is, you can here the wind, the birds... all natural, no remastering, no artificial perfection, just music, love and nature...

Traditional Gypsy music from the Balkans. It is interesting to hear the cultural influences from that part of the world which included Spanish Jewish, Christian, and Ottoman Turkish Muslim elements which Gypsy music was both influenced by and in return fed back Gypsy influences.

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